Saturday, 15 August 2009


Posted by -vincent-

i'm in such a good mood these days. so good that it's not even me :)

this song is stuck in my head - Colbie Caillat's Falling for You. i can't get you out!
so addicted to it. lol :D oh and do i have issues with my heart? The Saturdays would know :p

conference is coming up. lotsa things to do from today onwards.
there goes my mid-sem break lah. sighs.
i can't spend time with friends. i can't lepak much. i can't go out dating.
ahh shucks. but at least i'll be having good hotel food for 4 whole days? that's a consolation la kut.
lol :D

just wanted to rant and be random.
oh and i think i can handle pinches and whacks well now these days. *laughs*



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