Sunday, 2 August 2009

the reporter? a piece worth pondering on.

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stumbled upon this piece of writing on Loyarburok, and i tot it was spot on.

I would like to report a death,
An unfortunate suicide I must confess,
The newspaper fell from the 14th floor,
Now it tells the truth no more.

An injury to the head, it seems,
Tongue missing, they heard no screams,
Autopsy shows poison in the ink,
Must explain why some headlines stink,

Stories spun into webs of lies,
For answers then, look to the skies,
Lips blue from chewing bribes,
The hole in integrity never looked this wide.

Yet blood that was found on grey concrete,
Belongs not to him that deservedly sleeps,
But hundreds of those who now lie cold,
Silenced swiftly for being bold.

Time of death, nobody knows,
Perhaps the day he sold his soul.
When your spine isn’t made of bone,
It’s time to carve your own gravestone.

So if you must cry, weep carefully,
It’s not like we lost some deity,
The news we knew was news no more,
Maimed by fear into foul folklore.

And if you must read, read between the lines,
Or thrust your ear to old grape vines,
The pen just died by its own sword,
We can rest in peace now, thank the Lord.

Rationale: The death of the newspaper as we know it. And a lot of us know a lot. It was propaganda that twisted the “news” surrounding the bombing of Palestine (or the Hamas if you like) by the Israelites. So we can believe that what we read isn’t real. All that ink used to write all those lies…you can say it’s the blood of the innocent being spilled onto papyrus. God bless Mr. Teoh and his family.

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the anti-ISA peaceful march was thwarted this afternoon.
a peaceful march that was deemed too "unruly" and too "provocative" for the public.well, 20,000 odd people weren't afraid to show how they feel.
and many more who chose to stay at home, for fear of their daily jobs and duty be affected by participating in it.
it was just a peaceful march for crying out loud. grow up la wahai politicians di Malaysia. and someone kat Sabah tu dgn lantang bersuara that ISA won't be repealed.
whether it will be or not, we decide. not you. wanna know how? 13th GE la ye. i'll be praying for your downfall then :)

still trying to rationalize what the stupid M'sian cops did this afternoon,