Sunday, 6 September 2009

it's been a while..

Posted by -vincent-

guilty of abandoning this virtual space of mine. a space i used to turn to in times of happiness and sadness. oh well i'm back now :)

uni hasn't been that kind. lotsa things to do. mid-semester tests. a week off that was spend in Parkroyal running around helping out in Persidangan Penterjemah Antarabangsa. great experience indeed. got to meet so many translation scholars, names i can only imagine of reading thru their articles - i met them during the conference :)

few more things in store in the coming months; just got back from LEAD SMI last weekend, going for LEAD SGI next weekend. fun fun fun again! and a brief respite from everything in uni and in Penang lah. it's always good to be away for a while :D
might be going to Japan for 10 days if my application is approved. for a Japan-ASEAN youth conference. sounds good kan? if i go, i'd be Malaysia's representative :)

things are ending pretty fast this sem. approaching 2nd break, and then it's another few more weeks before exams. damn fast lah. and then my one last sem in campus. let's see how that works out yeah? :)

oh the series are coming back! how i met your mother, gossip girl, heroes among the few that i follow. yays!

being hopeful,


Ayaq masak said...

frakkkkkkkk aku nak pi jepun jugak!!!