Thursday, 5 November 2009

of headers, simplicity and a whole lot more.

Posted by -vincent-

note to self: i need to pimp this blog. i need it to look presentable and neat. now it's just a white mess with black writings on it. not that it isn't therapeutic (white, calm, serenity, and all that crap). it's just a bit plain i guess. sighs. can't seem to find the time to do so though.

so not looking forward to exams. my mind's in two halves now. i hate it when i have something so much nicer to look forward to, and the latter's been passed over, even though it's of equal importance.

lols. HBT213 was quite a killer. could've done better. was on the verge of giving up. tummy was growling so loud. hungry somehow. oh well. it's over. i just don't want to repeat or extend. can?

302's next. Sociolinguistics. I like this field. society, community and how language is being used. interesting. but not looking forward to the exam part either. Monday. can't wait for it to be over.

oh. and happy birthday varun! all the best wishes for the year, and please behave. 23 d. 3 more years nie cha :p

just wanted to fill something up, and write something down. oh done it already.



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