Wednesday, 3 March 2010

an exodus revisited.

Posted by -vincent-

And so I'm back from a somewhat unintentionally self-imposed stay away from my blog. Don't really know why and what made me do so, although I suspect it was that stupid busy schedule of mine that kept me away from it. Not that I'm not busy these days, but I feel I must start getting back here, or I won't do so at all dah. Sighs.

Let's see, it's been an eventful 3-4 months for me. To put it all in a nutshell ain't gonna be easy, but I'll try :)

Japan-ASEAN Student Conference
* Am very thankful to USM for selecting me to go for this conference, glad to say I've learnt a lot, I made USM and Malaysia proud, and the friends that I've made throughout the conference - it's safe to say that we'll be seeing each other a lot very often for at least years to come. Took place in Tokyo, and Sendai, Japan. Till now, I still can't believe that I've been to the Land of the Rising Sun ;D

Koc Worlds
* World Universities Debating Championship. Never thought I'd be able to go for one, but I did. In Antalya, Turkey of all places. The company was good, En.Nazru was really nice and accommodating, and thoroughly I enjoyed that trip very much. Just go see my photos up in Facebook. You'll know what I mean. Gotta say though - I am really lucky to have gone to so many places with USM :D

MPP Elections
* Was asked to contest, and I did. I lost though, but at least now I know how campus elections work, how things are being done, campaigning, giving public speeches. It ain't easy as it is made out to be. Especially if you have to do your speech in BM. I'm not that good with formal speeches, but I did try my best :) Campus politics isn't that clean as well, but I'll leave it at that la. All the best to the newly-elected MPP members for USM! You guys have a lot to do, and I'll be here if you ever need help.

* My babe left me! Lol literally I mean. Now that she's all done with classes and graduating on March 20th 2010, she has started working in JB, and that means she's back in JB for good. Do I make any sense at all? Somehow got my word priorities mixed up a bit ;D It means that I won't be able to see her that often anymore though. Sighs.. "That's why you go, away I know..." :p

IO (International Office)
* I've been helping out a lot (of sorts) in IO these days. My own cubicle, aircon room, with LAN connection - more than good enough for me ;D

Life has been kind to me I'd say. In fact, just got back from a J-ASEAN Group K reunion in Bangkok a few weeks ago. I miss everyone already, esp Pong, Bean, Shoko, Taka. And not forgetting our trusty guide, Jul :)

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sleepy said...
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sleepy said...

You left out one big portion, BANGKOK!!! Don't try to minimize the fun u had k! =P

Lol.. u said i left u as though i broke up with u d. I'm still here la babe. Just 720+km away nie! (i think?) haha.. Plus, you're coming down soon aren't you? Can't wait!! hehe ;)