Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm back!

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"I promise not to abandon this blog of mine again. However, I shall only go for unannounced hiatus."

There. A promise made. But I have a feeling I'll break it anyhoo.

Anyways it's been months since I've said stuff on this domain of mine. Not too sure where to start.
Life in all has been okay thus far. Great things have happened during this hiatus - I got to meet Dr. M up close, went on the Skybridge of the Petronas Twin Towers, made a whole lot of new friends, established contacts, pulled some strings, ruffled some feathers, and inching closer to that seemingly elusive dream job of mine - a Malaysian diplomat :)

And yet as my undergraduate days are numbered, (finally, it's about time!) I still don't know what's in store for me, or rather what I should do next.
I could:
i. get a job. a good-paying job mind you.
ii. continue studying. (international relations is probably what I wanna focus on)
iii. be a bum.

Ok strike out option (iii).
And I have holidays in mind. Destinations I wanna go. Bali, Siem Reap, Jogjakarta, and Australia for now. But alas, the money factor is not very promising these days. Sighs.

I'm gonna get some sleep now.
And dream.
Not sure where that's gonna get me, but I'll take my chances.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

an exodus revisited.

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And so I'm back from a somewhat unintentionally self-imposed stay away from my blog. Don't really know why and what made me do so, although I suspect it was that stupid busy schedule of mine that kept me away from it. Not that I'm not busy these days, but I feel I must start getting back here, or I won't do so at all dah. Sighs.

Let's see, it's been an eventful 3-4 months for me. To put it all in a nutshell ain't gonna be easy, but I'll try :)

Japan-ASEAN Student Conference
* Am very thankful to USM for selecting me to go for this conference, glad to say I've learnt a lot, I made USM and Malaysia proud, and the friends that I've made throughout the conference - it's safe to say that we'll be seeing each other a lot very often for at least years to come. Took place in Tokyo, and Sendai, Japan. Till now, I still can't believe that I've been to the Land of the Rising Sun ;D

Koc Worlds
* World Universities Debating Championship. Never thought I'd be able to go for one, but I did. In Antalya, Turkey of all places. The company was good, En.Nazru was really nice and accommodating, and thoroughly I enjoyed that trip very much. Just go see my photos up in Facebook. You'll know what I mean. Gotta say though - I am really lucky to have gone to so many places with USM :D

MPP Elections
* Was asked to contest, and I did. I lost though, but at least now I know how campus elections work, how things are being done, campaigning, giving public speeches. It ain't easy as it is made out to be. Especially if you have to do your speech in BM. I'm not that good with formal speeches, but I did try my best :) Campus politics isn't that clean as well, but I'll leave it at that la. All the best to the newly-elected MPP members for USM! You guys have a lot to do, and I'll be here if you ever need help.

* My babe left me! Lol literally I mean. Now that she's all done with classes and graduating on March 20th 2010, she has started working in JB, and that means she's back in JB for good. Do I make any sense at all? Somehow got my word priorities mixed up a bit ;D It means that I won't be able to see her that often anymore though. Sighs.. "That's why you go, away I know..." :p

IO (International Office)
* I've been helping out a lot (of sorts) in IO these days. My own cubicle, aircon room, with LAN connection - more than good enough for me ;D

Life has been kind to me I'd say. In fact, just got back from a J-ASEAN Group K reunion in Bangkok a few weeks ago. I miss everyone already, esp Pong, Bean, Shoko, Taka. And not forgetting our trusty guide, Jul :)

That's all for now.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

of headers, simplicity and a whole lot more.

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note to self: i need to pimp this blog. i need it to look presentable and neat. now it's just a white mess with black writings on it. not that it isn't therapeutic (white, calm, serenity, and all that crap). it's just a bit plain i guess. sighs. can't seem to find the time to do so though.

so not looking forward to exams. my mind's in two halves now. i hate it when i have something so much nicer to look forward to, and the latter's been passed over, even though it's of equal importance.

lols. HBT213 was quite a killer. could've done better. was on the verge of giving up. tummy was growling so loud. hungry somehow. oh well. it's over. i just don't want to repeat or extend. can?

302's next. Sociolinguistics. I like this field. society, community and how language is being used. interesting. but not looking forward to the exam part either. Monday. can't wait for it to be over.

oh. and happy birthday varun! all the best wishes for the year, and please behave. 23 d. 3 more years nie cha :p

just wanted to fill something up, and write something down. oh done it already.


Monday, 2 November 2009

exodus. revisited.

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i find an inclination to pen down something every time i'm in some form of stress. don't think it's a good thing, but i guess i still need to do so. lol :D

eventful semester this has been. more ups than downs i believe. got to know so many new friends, rekindled old friendships, a few in particular who've gotten closer to me. grateful as ever :)

gonna be another hectic next few months for me. a play coming up (playing St. John Baptist De La Salle is quite an arduous task), and a Japan conference & Turkey trip. i'm so looking forward to it, but yet the responsibility, expectations that comes with it - something i wish i'm not dreading at the moment.

i'll need all the strength and luck that i can get. but for now, it's exams. 2 papers. my last major papers. i'm hoping that i'll be able go out with a bang :)

Nov 12th - i'm leaving on a jetplane again. after my Singapore trip last month. yays! this time, the land of the rising sun awaits... ;)

Joyce is leaving too! to Shanghai that is. we'll be away during the same period, coincidentally. lol :)

timely post i'd say. oh well. back to books.
till then.

life's good, like LG wtf,

Sunday, 6 September 2009

it's been a while..

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guilty of abandoning this virtual space of mine. a space i used to turn to in times of happiness and sadness. oh well i'm back now :)

uni hasn't been that kind. lotsa things to do. mid-semester tests. a week off that was spend in Parkroyal running around helping out in Persidangan Penterjemah Antarabangsa. great experience indeed. got to meet so many translation scholars, names i can only imagine of reading thru their articles - i met them during the conference :)

few more things in store in the coming months; just got back from LEAD SMI last weekend, going for LEAD SGI next weekend. fun fun fun again! and a brief respite from everything in uni and in Penang lah. it's always good to be away for a while :D
might be going to Japan for 10 days if my application is approved. for a Japan-ASEAN youth conference. sounds good kan? if i go, i'd be Malaysia's representative :)

things are ending pretty fast this sem. approaching 2nd break, and then it's another few more weeks before exams. damn fast lah. and then my one last sem in campus. let's see how that works out yeah? :)

oh the series are coming back! how i met your mother, gossip girl, heroes among the few that i follow. yays!

being hopeful,

Saturday, 15 August 2009


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i'm in such a good mood these days. so good that it's not even me :)

this song is stuck in my head - Colbie Caillat's Falling for You. i can't get you out!
so addicted to it. lol :D oh and do i have issues with my heart? The Saturdays would know :p

conference is coming up. lotsa things to do from today onwards.
there goes my mid-sem break lah. sighs.
i can't spend time with friends. i can't lepak much. i can't go out dating.
ahh shucks. but at least i'll be having good hotel food for 4 whole days? that's a consolation la kut.
lol :D

just wanted to rant and be random.
oh and i think i can handle pinches and whacks well now these days. *laughs*


Sunday, 2 August 2009

the reporter? a piece worth pondering on.

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stumbled upon this piece of writing on Loyarburok, and i tot it was spot on.

I would like to report a death,
An unfortunate suicide I must confess,
The newspaper fell from the 14th floor,
Now it tells the truth no more.

An injury to the head, it seems,
Tongue missing, they heard no screams,
Autopsy shows poison in the ink,
Must explain why some headlines stink,

Stories spun into webs of lies,
For answers then, look to the skies,
Lips blue from chewing bribes,
The hole in integrity never looked this wide.

Yet blood that was found on grey concrete,
Belongs not to him that deservedly sleeps,
But hundreds of those who now lie cold,
Silenced swiftly for being bold.

Time of death, nobody knows,
Perhaps the day he sold his soul.
When your spine isn’t made of bone,
It’s time to carve your own gravestone.

So if you must cry, weep carefully,
It’s not like we lost some deity,
The news we knew was news no more,
Maimed by fear into foul folklore.

And if you must read, read between the lines,
Or thrust your ear to old grape vines,
The pen just died by its own sword,
We can rest in peace now, thank the Lord.

Rationale: The death of the newspaper as we know it. And a lot of us know a lot. It was propaganda that twisted the “news” surrounding the bombing of Palestine (or the Hamas if you like) by the Israelites. So we can believe that what we read isn’t real. All that ink used to write all those lies…you can say it’s the blood of the innocent being spilled onto papyrus. God bless Mr. Teoh and his family.

*credits to, and Screenshots*

the anti-ISA peaceful march was thwarted this afternoon.
a peaceful march that was deemed too "unruly" and too "provocative" for the public.well, 20,000 odd people weren't afraid to show how they feel.
and many more who chose to stay at home, for fear of their daily jobs and duty be affected by participating in it.
it was just a peaceful march for crying out loud. grow up la wahai politicians di Malaysia. and someone kat Sabah tu dgn lantang bersuara that ISA won't be repealed.
whether it will be or not, we decide. not you. wanna know how? 13th GE la ye. i'll be praying for your downfall then :)

still trying to rationalize what the stupid M'sian cops did this afternoon,