Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas :)

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guess what? it's Christmas Eve! and i'm still at home. haha. miraculous, as a girl-friend put it. surprising, some may say. oh well. it's all 'cos i fell asleep. what can i say, i had quite a busy day. did bit of thinking throughout the course of the day. but i shall not bore you with that.

have a merry little Christmas, and a good holiday ahead :D

bored, and snubbed out of reality,

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

of potential unfulfilled. of trying times. of seizing the moment.

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the 18th National Lasallian Leaders' Convention went by in a flash. can't quite believe it still, that 9 days just flew by so fast! well ppl do say that time flies when you're having fun, and this was just it exactly :)

in a nutshell, it's been quite a bittersweet experience for me this time around. being called back again for the 2nd time to help organize the convention is an honour really, but to think back, i guess the choices and decisions i made this past few months has been questionable, to say the least.

to cut a long story short, i think i under-performed this time around. i'm downright disappointed with myself, i know i have a lot more to offer LSC, and i know i need to buck up. i'll elaborate more when i'm in the mood.

uni begins again tomorrow. or rather in a few hours later. for my coursemates, it's their last semester in uni. for me, my 4th. technically still a 2nd year student :) mixed feelings all over this time around - back to reality (5 mths in Singapore was like a dream), new responsibilities to resume and to shoulder, and i hope i won't disappoint. it's time i step up to the plate, and assume responsibilities. time is on my side, and hopefully, my friends too.

time to sign off. a bit of a mixture here & there in this post - melancholy, worries, optimism among others. so random huh? :D


Monday, 8 December 2008

a close brush with death.

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there was this accident early Sunday morning, in Tangkak. a Grassland bus express, leaving Perak (it went past Ipoh as well) skidded off the highway and rammed into a tree, killing 10 ppl. the bastard of a driver and assistant unfortunately escaped with injuries. but because of tht mangkuk's inability in controlling a bus properly and negligence, 10 lives were lost. my prayers and condolences to the family of the deceased and to God, i thank you for prolonging my life. perhaps, i still have a purpose to serve here.

my bus left Ipoh last nite at 9pm, and was headed to JB/Singapore as well you see. i am soooooooo THANKFUL. thanks to siew wei, i kinda owe her my life now. luckily she managed to get a ticket for 7th nite. 8th was full. if it wasn't for her, and her decision (or rather coincidence) to buy my tic later den she was supposed to, my life is spared. any later, i mite hv been on tht bus. i wud've been forced to leave on the 6th nite instead. my life is spared, at least for now. to think that there was every possibility that i wud hv been on that fateful bus that morning - i'm rendered speechless!

sighs. after that close brush, i've come to realize that life is indeed fragile after all. cherish every moment, for we'll never know when we'll leave this place we call Earth. and if i do, any time soon, later, or much much later, i want all the people i care about to know that i appreciate having you guys in my life, and to my family, i cudn't ask for a better family than you all :)

sorry la ya. emo post after a short sabbatical away from this blog. otherwise, everything has been fun. and hectic. convention is full-steam ahead tomorrow, and am bit bummed cos i'll be missing the 1st day and i missed out on my roles in the heritage play (2nd year running). can't wait to be back in Ipoh. but for now, i'll have to go thru Singapore tmr, and to pray for a safe journey back to Penang tmr nite :D


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Muallaf - a review.

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Muallaf. "Convert".

A story of two siblings, and the power of forgiveness.

A young man, confused in between religious obligations and a hidden past.

Racial integration, powerful and thoughtful quotations from both the Bible and the Quran.

“Warning. Minor spoilers ahead.”


All of these elements caught my attention while I was watching Muallaf just now. To the oblivious public, Muallaf is the 5th movie effort by Yasmin Ahmad, a humble, down-to-earth lady whom I've had the pleasure of meeting just a few days ago, and a talented movie director from a place I call my home, Malaysia.

Starring Sharifah Amani and her real-life sister, Sharifah Aleysha, and a newcomer to the filming scene, Brian Yap, Muallaf is a thoughtful, provocative movie, carefully weaved upon the fabric of the Malaysian society, and therefore may I say, one of the best Malaysian-made movies I've ever watched. Now I'm not that much of a movie critique (I'm only 21, inexperienced, just a humble opinion at most), but for a movie like Muallaf to have such an impact on so many people [the cinema theatre I was in was almost full-house], and a distinct way of portraying a story of forgiveness, of love, of self-discovery, is truly a refreshing intake on life, and Muallaf has certainly captured all of that essence, which made it a wholesome movie, especially for someone like me, seemingly always deep in thought, yet still clueless somewhere along the way.

Contextually produced and based in Malaysia, everything was so Malaysian in the movie. From our distinct way of speaking English – aptly named Manglish, the various races in Malaysia coming together in a community, to the trials and tribulations a school student faces, Kak Yasmin was able to capture the very essence of what makes us Malaysians in the first place, something evidently clear, similar to her numerous commercials for Petronas, one I anticipate for every time a major festive celebration approaches J

After a moving story of Orked (in 3 movies, namely Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin) and the challenges she faced in her life, one would naturally think Kak Yasmin is satisfied and contented with her unexpected success.

After all, Sepet and Gubra won international recognition and praise, and Mukhsin touching the lives of many Malaysians, while raking in rave reviews from all walks of life along the way.

Lucky for us, Kak Yasmin came out with Muallaf, yet another provoking story, this time on two Malay sisters who ran away from home, specifically from an abusive and eccentric father, a role played to perfection by Dato' Rahim Razali, yet another esteemed and respected actor in the Malaysian movie scene. Brian, a newcomer spotted by Yasmin in HELP UC, assumed the role of a quiet, strong silent-type school teacher, while masking a hidden past and a reluctance to conform to a religion, something one would normally associate with as a somewhat 'necessity' in life, especially in the modern-day Malaysian society.

Rohani and Rohana (played brilliantly by Sharifah Amani and her real-life sister, Sharifah Aleysha) landed themselves in a small town (Ipoh to be exact), after escaping their abusive father, of which then Brian came along into their lives.

Here we see the culmination and a story of 3 unique individuals whose lives became intertwined by their grief and troubles, and in the end discovering and understanding the true meaning of forgiveness.

The issues and sentiments exuding from the movie was simply refreshing; here you see a young Chinese boy with a Malay girl, with a tinge of liking and attraction towards each other, bordering on the teen-puppy-love fence, yet it wasn't clearly so, even till the end of the movie? In this, Kak Yasmin did what she does best; leaving just-enough room for interpretation and self-evaluation, while maintaining the flow of the movie, evoking feelings and thoughts along the way.

A confluence of religion and beliefs; a young girl, Rohana, able to quote inspiring and often-accurate verses from the Koran to counter challenges she faced, while staying steadfast and true to her Islamic beliefs and practices, in face of adversity. Logically speaking, even in a multi-racial and multi-cultural country like Malaysia, one would not even dare to play with religious issues, lest putting it in a movie. It is still a taboo subject, one which clearly Kak Yasmin wasn’t afraid of touching, which was evident in the movie.

Comparative religion, was the term they used to describe their openness and their interest in religion. This is not a sight we normally see in Malaysia, or anywhere else even. Religion should never be abused, mis-used for personal and selfish gains. In light of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, where Islam was apparently represented by the Indian militants, Muallaf couldn't have come at a better time.   

The suffering Brian has gone thru in the name of ‘religion’ was disturbing.  Excruciating. I couldn’t imagine myself recovering from such a humiliation. At such a age. It is no wonder he refused to attend church – for it gives his a negative stigma, something he finally felt relieved to let go when he met and got close to Rohani.

The humiliation Rohani was forced to endure when she defied her dad’s orders was equally disturbing – hence the controversial ‘bald’ scene that became the talking point of the ever-irritating M’sian media and tabloids for quite a while, and more recently – a scene the M’sian MPA is contemplating on cutting off from the movie, in order for it to be shown to the Malaysian public. Kak Yasmin is hoping that will not happen. The challenge here is for the MPA to approve the uncut, uncensored version of the movie. Malaysia is evolving, and so are Malaysians. I believe we are ready to embrace change. This is one small step towards it.

In more ways than one, Muallaf has redefined the way I perceive of people, and if I may add, provided a much-needed reflection on my inner self – how life is seen thru different people, and that things don’t always go our way, the challenges we encounter, the various characters and personalities we bump into in this thing we call ‘life’. I think I speak for others as well by saying that Muallaf, as hard as Kak Yasmin tried  to make it a ‘message-less’ movie, it is certainly a movie that’s bound to keep you thinking, even after the movie is over. I’m a living testament of that statement I’ve just made J

Sunday, 30 November 2008

a sneak peek of what's to come.

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Muallaf movie poster

Screenshot from the movie; the sisters

Yasmin Ahmad, Brian Yap & Sharifah Amani. I'm starstruck! ;D

yours truly, Brian & Aleysha :)

don't hate me cos u ain't me :)
this was how i spent my afternoon today ;D
just a sneak-peek; proper post coming up soon.
as soon as i finished packing. i hate packing.
home is approaching. oh yes it is.

of a beautiful day today has been,

Friday, 28 November 2008

random. of a blunder and a happy ending..

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ok maybe i'm getting too random these days. moody, unpredictable. oh well. blame it all on my blunder this afternoon. quite a fiasco i'd say. another of those "been there, done that" type of blunder. shell-shocked. but i guess that's life. filled with trials and tribulations. and i'm glad i survived through it :)

they say when you're sad or rather disappointed, think happy thoughts. and guess what, i did. literally, a door closes on me, but a window opens up. or something like tht. haha. about slightly a week ago, out of random actually, i submitted an application to attend Bill Clinton's inaugural lecture in KL, on Dec 6th. read all about it here.

i think you'd probably know why i mentioned it here, on my blog. yep. i got an invite! seems there are 8000 over applicants for 500 allocated seats. the organizers had to look for a new venue to accomodate more people; and it is the KL Convention Centre. been there once. filled with awe :) and yes, i got it. sheer dumb luck i'd say. but nevertheless, it made my day. turned my somewhat gloomy day into a happy ending.

Bought my ticket to come home already. Sunday night, i leave JB. yays!

btw, totally not connected to my blunder, or my happy ending today; here's a song i'm starting to like ;D

looking forward to the end of my NUS stay,

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

sudden. random.

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gotta say, i don't really know what got me to scribble this down. i mean, i have a paper to sit for in abt slightly 16 hours, and it is not an easy one. SSA2211 - codename for "evolution of a global city-state." sounds catchy right? it's Singapore history! you see, one of the modules i wanted to take over here in NUS was a module that would totally redefine my mindset on that fateful incident - the seperation of Singapore from the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. suffice to say, i've succeeded in gaining a deeper understanding, and a clearer insight on the significance of that event, the issues that led up to the seperation, and the individuals involved. and i shall stop blabbering abt the module here for fear of boring everyone out. haha :)

living away from home made me realize one thing; i miss familiarity. i miss being around in an environment that i'm familiar with. i know i sound like a guy who's so pampered, can't even stand living away from home and all, but i'm not. i used to like to leave home a lot. be it for camps, conventions, meet-ups, stay-overs, or even deliberately try my very best not be at home when i was young. mind u this was just a few years back. but now, i'm changed. i think i am.

people used tell me that to grow up holistically, you need to be away from familiarity. you need to learn to live for yourself, and to take on challenges in life, one at a time. then again, maybe i just made that up. haha :)

but still, being away for these past few months (and A FEW short visits back home just to keep my sanity at check) taught me to be independent. i'm responsible for my own actions. and that i need to make any decision wisely, for my family won't be there to back me up if i screw up. and that i've learnt to think abt others and not just for myself. i'm 21 now, time to grow up. it's now or never. maybe now, now that i'm older, (and certainly not that wise yet) i know that i have to cherish my time at home as much as i can now. done a lot of thinking these past few months, esp during my free time. (well actually, almost everyday seeing i've been slacking all the time here :p)

in a few years time, i will be out venturing into the unknown, i will be away from home (i forsee that :D) and most importantly, i will be away from familiarity once again. how will i deal with that? and at the same time, stay strong to face the challenges in life that awaits? i wish i have the answer right now, but i don't think i do.

maybe that's just how life works. you won't know what to do, until it is thrusted upon you. life changes people. in fact, at times, it changes the very principles, the very ideals you believe in. do you think so? for me, i do, and i don't.

okay i'm getting a bit too deep for myself even. haha :)

love. laugh. live. that's what life is all about. it is something i hold dearly to, and i intend to hold on to it as long as i live.

if you think you're alone, think again.

if you think you're suffering, think again.

there are people out there who don't have a home to live, those who don't even have basic amenities, those their basic human rights violated, those who were once child soldiers, due to civil unrest and war in their country for instance - families torn apart and a destroyed childhood, all at once. ask yourself, what is your 'suffering' compared to theirs?


to me, life is so much bigger, life is so much more than, let's say, having a special someone by your side, or, having flunked your exams and the notion of not doing well in exams. so what if you're not good in studies? so what if you're alone, and nobody seems to pay attention to you, despite your best efforts? focus on the people you care about the most, and they in return you know care about you a lot. focus on your strengths, and not dwell and harp on your weaknesses. impossible is nothing, to quote from Adidas. make a difference in the lives of others. we only have a lifetime to do so. i know it's always easier to say than to do it, yet it won't hurt to at least try, right?
maybe i'll just leave it at this. probably it's the fear in me, itching to come out after laying low for so long. time and time again, i put up a brave front, just to not let others worry about me. i mean why should they right?

i know this blog has been a very useful output for me; it stores my joys, my worries, my advice, and more often than not, my random scribbles. perhaps, after this post, it will be redefined... or not. you tell me.

deep in thought,

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


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i'm currently occupied with oldies. re-sung by modern-day artistes. the two albums i've been looking for ages, both in one day. all thanks to the brilliance of Torrent-ing ;D

Albums I'm currently listening to :
Westlife's Allow Us To Be Frank (2004)
Robbie Williams' Swing When You're Winning (2000)

if any of you want 'em, jz PM me aite? i'll send 'em to you, by any means necessary and possible. i'm no pirate, unlike some friends of mine who post links on their blogs for others to access and d/l these albums. i'm more of a closet pirate actually - d/l-ing for personal use ONLY :)

i know that doesn't make me any more different than them, but at least i own up to it, right? :D

ok enuf of my crap. back to me oldies.. 
"you dream maker, you heartbreaker, wherever you're going, i'm going your way..."

tgh layan oldies like thr's no tomorrow,

yes. i am proud to be a Penangite. that's a fact that will never change. and Mr.Soo, i respect u kao kao for your timely advice. the previous Gov is completed history, as noted by Jeff Ooi. it's time we make our own :)

to all Penangites who are proud of their island, the bit-part of the mainland, and Georgetown's newly-attained Unesco World Heritage Site status, for your viewing pleasure ;D


of my Tamil exam and the rest...

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ok i'm no expert in Tamil. today's test clearly proved it. although i managed to finish the important parts, i had to let go a few minor easy ones. why? BECAUSE I FORGOT WHAT THEY MEANT. my excuse is that simple. damn it. sighs. emo-nya aku skrg...

SSA2211, PS1101E, you're next! time to buck up and get decent grades from NUS! 

(although i'm secretly hoping these grades will be upgraded when i go back to USM :p)


Thursday, 20 November 2008

bo mood.

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currently listening to: Michael Buble - Dream a Little Dream of Me

ok i'm back in Singapore. i'm back in NUS. it's time to mug.

mcb stress bo mood siens wtf ccb knn betul. shit. 24 hours in a day is never enough. especially when u spend 3/4 of it procrastinating & not do what u're s'pposed to do.

itulah. rantingku (rant, not some twig) harus tamat sekarang. NEED. TO. STUDY. NOW.

i wanna go back Penang. i wanna watch GG. i wanna go gym. but that will have to wait. wish me luck peeps. you know i'm gonna need lots of it. after all the slacking i did. practically whole semester gone, just like tht. tension sial...


Wednesday, 19 November 2008


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did something i'm not that proud of. survived through it. a bit bodoh, but i tot it was necessary. a lesson on life & the wonderful things in store for u that sorta thing. "been there, done that." that's all i can say ;D

i need to go back to Singapore ASAP. i need to start mugging. i'm no kiasu, but i'd still like to get a decent grade during my sole semester in NUS. haha. that said, i tink i ace'd my Tamil oral test d other day. proud sia. the phrase "nan Tamil patitten" needs to be done ASAP, or i won't be able to replicate my fine form this coming Saturday. arghh. these past few days in KL made me start missing Penang and home once again. although food is relatively not too bad over here, the price is quite a turn-off. unlike food paradise a.k.a. Penang. u'll nv ever be disappointed there. sighs. 1 more mth to go then. yays. haha sedih siut huh.

ah hong! can't wait to see u on Dec 27th! (just a random shoutout, i know. haha)

wish me luck in d upcoming finals k. i only have 3 papers, but still, i'm gonna need all the luck i can get. pressure sial.

oh & i need to catch up on GG, Heroes and HIMYM as well. not to worry, they're all in a day's work. haha :)


Monday, 10 November 2008

in the midst of procrastinating - my 2 cents

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i find it really irritating. this bad habit of mine. i love to procrastinate. at first i thought it's just occasional. these days, i do it more frequently. stress giler. i have an Tamil oral test comin' up this Thursday, and even though my vocabulary's not too bad already, i jz can't seem to bring myself to start studying and revising for the test. sighs. someone help me pls?

on an another note, something struck me during my last volunteer visits yesterday. the impact is still really clear, on me, and i'm thankful for it. ok here goes: I'M PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN! :D

the reason being, i feel so blessed to be born in a multi-racial, multi-faceted society, where Chinese, Indians & Malays can live together in one country, having one national identity we can all identify with.

ok it all seems so surreal even as i speak of it, but i believe it is possible. some say it might sound like a Malaysian Malaysia agenda, something a certain MM Lee of Singapore propagated years ago. but then, let us all not lose hope in achieving a Bangsa Malaysia.

now having said that, i can't help but to feel sorry for Singaporeans generally, especially those in my age generation. a majority of them don't even speak their own local dialect for crying out loud! so, what more the Malay language, or even Tamil for the local Indians? i think it is their language policy that has to be blamed. while i acknowledge that Mandarin & English is essential, esp in modern-day Singapore, i find it amusing & disturbing that young boys & girls converse to each other in Mandarin & English, even of different ethnicities (Malays, Indians included) and only that 2 languages! while among the older generation, they converse to each other in their own variety of dialects and languages - Cantonese, Hakka, and of cos Hokkien, Malay and Tamil, just to name a few. it is as though it's the "be all and end all" for all Singaporeans to know English & Mandarin, while their own local dialects are being pushed aside, almost to the brink of extinction.

imagine this scenario, something which i find as disturbing: a Malay boy, conversing with his friend in English, when they have their own unique Malay language to use. it may not seem awkward to them, but to me, a Malaysian, brought up in the richness of the fusion between Malay & Chinese culture, and not to mention my strong Indian influence in my teens, I FIND IT WEIRD, I FELT SO OUT OF PLACE, & SOMEWHAT CONFUSED.
questions like "what's wrong with them?" and "why are they acting like a bunch of posers?" kept rushing thru my mind everytime i see a scene like that. it's not right to feel or think that way, but it can't be helped. and i feel sad for them somehow. this was how they were brought up, this was how they were taught in school. now i'm not disregarding the fact that English & Mandarin is held very highly in this metropolitan society, or putting the blame on the Gov for emphasizing English and Mandarin in schools while "setting aside" other languages like Malay and Tamil as "mother tongue" languages, ["Mother tongue" in tis sense means students studying here in Singapore are given a choice to either take them in school or not take 'em. correct me if i'm wrong abt this k.] and that's why i firmly believe that one must never forget their roots, even during times like this.

i've experienced this first hand, during my short but meaningful stint here in Singapore. to those select few who had the privilege of learning your own dialect, preserve them. teach your sons & daughters how to speak it. it gives a sense of identity, a belonging, some sense of pride even, for the speakers. the distinctiveness of a dialect varies from everyone, and it is something that should be preserved for the future. but then again, who am i to tell the Singaporean Government that these are aspects that should be upheld to create a true Singaporean? coming from a Malaysian, haha tis post of mine will not even be looked upon. haha :D

i'm thankful for being able to grow up and immerse myself in different cultures and able to be friends with people of different ethnicities, regardless of who they are, their status, or even religious beliefs. joyce calls me a 'muhibbah' person, a "MALHINDIAN", and for once, i'm proud to be one! :D

Thursday, 6 November 2008

ok i'm bored.

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just a random thought that came through my mind. anyone out there who wants to get a new phone, but it's just too expensive in Malaysia? maybe i can help. relatively, electronical goods in Singapore are a bit cheaper than in M'sia. oh well, i'll just cut to the chase. anyone who wishes to get a brand new handphone from Singapore [even an Apple iPhone 3G], you can just let me know aite? i'll help u buy 'em, provided the price is right :)

Sunday, 2 November 2008


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current craze. vidclip looks damn retro. and i'm dedicating it to u yi hui! :D


Called you for the first time yesterday
Finally found the missing part of me
Felt so close but you were far away
Left me without anything to say

Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again

I can't get your smile out of my mind
(I can't get you out of my mind)
I think about your eyes all the time
You're beautiful but you don't even try
(You don't even, don't even try)
Modesty is just so hard to find

Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again

I kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everything I wished that it would be
Suddenly I forgot how to speak
Hopeless, breathless
Baby can't you see?

Now I'm...
Yeah oh
Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again
Now I'm hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again
Lovebug again...


bored as hell.

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ok i'm officially bored. boring. bosan sial. haha. while every single one of my coursemates, kawans in USM are prepping for exams, i tgh goyang kaki as if i just couldn't care less about wat's happening around the world. +.+ maybe that's a bit too much of a comparison. plus i'm in NUS tis sem. haha. but anyways peeps, all the best k for finals. mine's coming up at the end of Nov (when everyone else is done with theirs already T.T)

even tho i'm in NUS kan, err gotta say, i'm still pretty much a slacker. except for my Tamil (which i kena brush up kao kao soon, cos i'm lagging behind) i pretty much DON'T DO MUCH studying for the other 2 modules as well. haha :D let's hope it won't return to haunt me la during the exams. aiyo i will study for them la, no worries k? it's just, not now. :)

kinda excited about tomorrow though, mainly cos 3 of us (TF-NUS LEaRN Singapore posers a.k.a. rizal, yulong & i) will be heading to the Night Safari tomorrow nite. saja la kan, nak pi tgk haiwan dlm kegelapan. as if i have nth else better to do. hahaha :) but it should be a diff. experience tho, seeing that i won't be able to travel to Africa & experience the real savannah & safari anytime soon, Singapore's Night Safari pun jadi la. since our very own Zoo Negara is in a deplorable state, or should i say a 'shambles', let's see what Singapore has to offer eh? entrance fee kinda mahal tho, S$22?! just to go masuk tgk haiwan & binatang. DALAM KEGELAPAN. hahaha :D (planning to get the package tho; S$30 for a pass to enter Night Safari & Singapore Zoo as well. but that's for another day la. Sentosa is in the frame too, and also a few more historical places la.

and i'm still reading this book: Long Way Down by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman. nutjobs for deciding to ride all the way down from the UK to Cape Town, but nevertheless, respect them kao kao sia. inspirational indeed. and i hope to make a difference like what they did too, in the future la.

ok rambling tamat. i gtg find smth else to do now. ish..

p.s. i miss blogging in rojak language. haha~

Thursday, 30 October 2008

i miss you!

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hey babe, we're in a book! or rather we're a book. well literally i guess. marge was so excited that she took a pic with my Nokia 6500 w'out me realizing it till just a while ago :)

very random. haha. and i miss you so.
come back soon! *hugs*

and yes i had a pre-Deepavali celebration in Singapore, even before i decided, or rather we hastily decided to go back just 2 days before Sat. omg i'm more Indian already than i think i am. i'm so culturally imbalanced at the moment - too much Indian in me. not tht i dun like it tho. haha ok enuf said :D

last Monday, as part of our immersion and cultural programme, our 'aiya', Dr.Subramaniam Thinappan organized a tour around Little India for us all (Tamil class LAL1201) in conjunction with Deepavali. beautiful lights along Serangoon Rd, which is the heart of Little India in Singapore. much bigger than the Little India in Pg, and bustling with locals, tourists & last-min shoppers hunting for bargains just before Deepavali. in short, Little India wasn't that little that day. hahaha :)

he took us ard a few places, & we kinda suspect he's sum kinda superstar in Little India. he practically knows almost everyone, and people will stop to greet him & such. gosh he even wore like "Samy Vellu on the day he supports Hindraf for instance". really old-school. of cos, the interesting part of the tour has got to be the food. Komala Vilas was our destination. by far the most established Indian restaurant in Singapore, specifically along Serangoon Rd. with numerous branches all over Little India itself. famous for its vegetarian food, in no time 'aiya' told us all to go in and try out indian food. from idli, tosai, chapati, veg briyani, 'mampalam' lassi as well. hearty meal. little did we know though that he was gonna pay for us! oh well, it's not always your lecturer gives u a treat eh? :)
enuf said. pictures, take over! :D

*pics courtesy of tommy. he took quite a while to upload it tho. hehe.*
p.s. u mite wanna know what happened not too long after the hearty dinner. u'll probably notice which one is it easily!! hahaha :D

aiya interacting with one of his ex-students: a Tamil teacher.

our aiya the superstar - in action.

veg briyani. or caiva briyani in Tamil :)

Komala Vilas take 1.

take 2. take notice: aiya's expression kinda stoned, didn't change at all frm 1st pic. haha :)

group pic before we left.

this is what happens when: you're just too bored even though you have an assignment to complete, (susan), & you've had too much of a hearty meal, thus sleeping like a stuffed pig (me)

a few days after that, yulong, rizal & i decided to go to Little India. rizal & yulong had never been there b4, so it was my job as an unofficial Little India tourist guide to show 'em & bring 'em around. & oh gosh, the pics we took - it's just us being the posers we are :D

took 'em to Blue Diamond for sum cekap briyani - hence a pic of me eating with my hands - oh btw the best way to enjoy Indian food is by eating with your bare hands :)

they enjoyed their trip thoroughly, esp the briyani (Pg wan still tastes better, haha!) and we even visited Mustafa - the huge, big-ass, sells-everything-hypermarket in Little India.

pics coming up again :)

three of us, at the beginning of Serangoon Rd :)

the urge to pose was just too overwhelming :D

yulong & i - in the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore :)

beautiful shot, courtesy of Rizal's superb camera. Little India - simply illuminating! ;)

they made me pose. "Vanakam."

caught in the act, red-handed: koli briyani-to-mouth movement, in Blue Diamond ;D

on our way back, rizal suggested that we take pics of Sentosa from Vivocity's seafront view. err. as u can see from the pics below, our initial intentions kinda got swayed. i tink we're close to being called the 3 TF-NUS LEaRN'ers posers of Singapore. lol :)

trying to look macho in the process of posing. clearly failed. both. :)

rizal sits as if he's meditating, i stare into space as if i'm a great thinker of man, and yulong, well he just merely stares into the camera while trying to look intelligent :D

ok so why and what did i do? *laughs* poser attempts at looking blur.

to all my Hindu friends, "Deepavali valttukal!!"

p.s. drafting a list of great importance. retail therapy-influenced. hahaha :D


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

of an eventful weekend, deepavali, happy people and good food...

Posted by -vincent-

i was back home last weekend. i know. i've totally redefined the "unwritten" rules & laws of a student-exchange programme. you don't actually go home like 3 (or was it 4?) times during your exchange period, the reason being that that you're ACTUALLY ABROAD, off in another country, supposedly immersing with the locals, enjoying life as a student-cum-tourist. right?

well. i did all that. haha. and technically, i just can't help not going home during my exchange period. Singapore and Malaysia is ONLY seperated by a bloody causeway bridge. 2 actually, if u consider the 2nd link as well. & then you're just... HOME. *humming Here in My Home* Malaysia a.k.a. Johor Bahru. 8 hours on via a bus, i'm actually stepping on the grounds of my island, Penang again. the irony of going for an exchange programme, fully sponsored, in Singapore, or in Thailand even per se.

so yea, i was back home during the weekend. this time with tommy, who has not been home for almost 1/2 year. [considering the fact that i've went back so many times within these 3 months, it's just mind-boggling wei that he has not been home since May! :p] however, our trip back this time was not short of drama la. in fact, it began even before we boarded our "bus".

a few days before our departure, i went over to JB to get ourselves tickets to go home. with engkee's help (thanks bro!), managed to get 2. paid RM85 each for it. sakit sial. but we wanted to go home, so the price-hike was secondary. little did i know that when it's a festive season in M'sia, bus terminals are a no-go. it was the weekend before deepavali, so naturally it was packed. we learnt our lesson the hard way tho. bodoh sial, stupid effin' company Durian Burung (i knew the name cudn't be trusted) decided that their buses are apparently 'spoilt', therefore we'll have to sit on a 40-seater bus pesiaran! wtf rite.. bought RM85, forced to sit in a bus pesiaran. only when u thought things can't get any more worse than tis, the bus decided to show up late. 1.5 hrs late. talk abt M'sian timing la.. Malaysia Truly Asia sial my @$$! what a brilliant 'show' to tourists & locals alike la. stupid time management, sucky bus companies, rude operators - i guess it was all in a day's work for these buffoons. anyways, a 9.30pm bus came only at abt 11.15pm. told jun it was gonna be one hell of a ride. it surely was it.

cudn't sleep properly at all throughout the whole journey. all i had in mind was "maleh, when will da bus reach Pg la? kanneh legs numb like wat, so uncomfortable, FUCK y did i pay RM85 for such a sucky seat?" and the profanities just kept going and going, and going... after what seemed like an eternity, Penang we finally reached. or rather only Butterworth to be exact. the stupid bus driver refused to go across to the island, and mocked us even more by giving us both RM5 to take da ferry across! omfg can u believe that? bloody rip-offs. sighs. "si lang dulian chiao, rip-offs! i shall report you stupid company soon. just u wait..."

on a happier note though, the thought of touching down on my island again was inexplainable. home is where the heart is. i've nv felt sooooo emo abt Penang b4. ( kanneh no choice but to emo k, stupid bus ride ruined whatever happier thoughts i had in me b4 the journey.) dad picked us up, sent tommy home, and in no time, within an hour or so, we were on our way & on course to our exciting-yet-meticulously-planned food escapade in Penang!

you see, tommy and i came up with a list of food we both love to eat, and it is so comprehensive & bound to keep the follower so occupied with food that we've decided to make it our own food tour for our friends or tourist friends who are in Penang for a visit, and to taste REAL food. hello Jln Alor's standard oso nowhere near us k? 1 street in KL vs the whole of Penang, & i dun tink i have to disclose the CLEAR winner rite :) anyways, the food we had in order: Island Park char koay teow + tok tok mee, P.Tikus wantan mee, biko moi & gandum off Adventist Hospital, Wen Chang chicken rice @ Cintra Street. all that within the space of 3 hours. not bad for a start huh? pics will be uploaded below after i'm done with my post k? :)

den tommy dropped a bomb. he had to rest, too tired to continue. oh well, escapade ditangguhkan sebentar. not tht long for me tho. i had zhoo char near USM, tis small restaurant called "xiao mu wu". fave dinner spot for my whole family, and needless to say, it was good food all the way :) curry fish, sotong goreng, belacan chicken, fried veg. simple, yet filling sia. dinner was done by 8pm. but, knowing me, it wasn't much of a surprise when i was tucking into Pos Burger again by 11-ish. tommy & i both agreed that this is by far one of the best burgers ever produced in Penang. distinctive, unique, filling. kah hoong joined us too here. trust me, it'll put McD burgers to shame. hahaha best of all, for 1/2 the price. Pos Burger rocks!!

Deepavali the next day it was. decided against going to the temple with Varun n family, takut cudn't wake up. spent whole morning copying movies frm Jay's fantastic collection of DVDs, (thanks a bunch jay, u're d best!) and then did a bit of window shopping in Queensbay :) took note of everything i need to buy, and i decided to get my pair of Everlast shoes when i'm back in Pg for good. seems cheaper back home, but of cos, i mite change my mind if the Singapore year-end sale makes Everlast shoes cheaper :D headed to Paddingtons House of Pancakes for tea. really scrumptious, and sorry i didn't take any pics of the pancakes i had (was halfway digging into the pancakes d when i realized i x take a pic of it. T.T)
and, the night tommy & i looked forward to - Diwali makan @ Varun's place. amma's mutton was delicious that day, impeccable, brilliant. i shall stop here, for if i mention anymore of it, it'll make me crave 4 it even more now :s good gathering, albeit missing key characters. too bad we had to leave early tho, as our bus was at 10.30pm that nite itself. lighter note: bus to Sg was comfy. yays!

eventful weekend huh? pics will help me explain more now. tired of typing~ hahaha :D

island park char koay teow - my family favourite

P.Tikus wantan mee. heavenly~

old apek's biko moi & gandum - off Adventist Hospital

two bowls down, two satisfied good-food-deprived Penangites :)

Pos Burger opp. Jelutong post office - best burger tasted in Pg thus far :D

happy ppl. ok maybe thomas was a wee-bit too excited :p

deepavali gathering - before dinner. camwhores alike :)

during dinner. had to sit like illegal pendatangs. i betul-betul menjiwai tht pendatang watak, hence the expression :p

not even close to half the posse - eilyn, bee, tkc, lean, ahlan, kok, ek, and others, u guys were missed :) pay special attention on howell's pose. hahaha :D

paying homage to the 'god' - mahaguru in kuning, padawan in white. his holiness thomas in the middle.

entry getting too long. will continue in the next one ASAP :)

*submitted my 1st and last political science essay this afternoon. i hope i didn't screw it up :s

exams looming,

Friday, 24 October 2008

love this song!

Posted by -vincent-

i've been crazy over this song ever since God-knows-when. videoclip looks bit too corny though, but the song is da bomb, nevertheless. pay attention to the plane in the videoclip, and the headpiece he has on his head. saw smth like tht in Zara's the other day. should i? hmmm :D anyways, enough with my indulgences. enjoy!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

*update* gambar posers yg seterusnya :D

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among the few pictures Rizal has just uploaded. ya kami berdua memang tak ada benda berfaedah utk dilakukan pada hari itu, being the poser we both are. i miss using the Malay language in my blog. hahaha ;D

staring into the camera. looking for answers. hahaha :)

"yes my friend, unlike vincent, i think i can help. by trying to look at u while u're doing it :)"


cam effects + beautiful view of the Singapore River + posing skills = gambar cantik :D

"ok u show three, and you four, so i guess i'm five then. :D"

"yes i would love to help. but i think it's better if i just sit & watch." :)

cavenagh bridge, and its preserved notice. nice?

cam effects - staring into space. or rather, trying very hard to maintain pose :)

i'm just bored in class. Dr.Erik Mobrand [or emobrand = his initials, not joking! :D] is talking. sighs.


posernya aku.

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takku sangka semasa Raffles landing di Temasek, dia pose sampai camtu. poser jgk la, macam aku. and I just had to la :)

reminiscing pasal apa ntah, by the banks of Sungai Singapura [Singapore River]. *poser jgk la actually.* :D

antara perkara yg saya suka lakukan masa waktu lapang saya di negara Singapura-pura. *laughs*
more to come, after i get the remaining pics from Rizal, my Indon fren. dia pun poser jgk :)

killing boredom,

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Posted by -vincent-

i need to find a swing-genre album soon. into old classics these days. re-sung ones will do also. one of my favourite songs from Robbie Williams. enjoy :)

"Beyond The Sea"

Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing.

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there watching for me.
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing

It's far beyond the star,
It's near beyond the moon.
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
And happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet, I know, we'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
And happy we will be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

No more sailing
So long, sailing, sailing, no more sailing

Good-bye, farewell my friend, no more sailing

So long sailing, no more sailing

No more, farewell...

No more sailing...