Thursday, 5 November 2009

of headers, simplicity and a whole lot more.

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note to self: i need to pimp this blog. i need it to look presentable and neat. now it's just a white mess with black writings on it. not that it isn't therapeutic (white, calm, serenity, and all that crap). it's just a bit plain i guess. sighs. can't seem to find the time to do so though.

so not looking forward to exams. my mind's in two halves now. i hate it when i have something so much nicer to look forward to, and the latter's been passed over, even though it's of equal importance.

lols. HBT213 was quite a killer. could've done better. was on the verge of giving up. tummy was growling so loud. hungry somehow. oh well. it's over. i just don't want to repeat or extend. can?

302's next. Sociolinguistics. I like this field. society, community and how language is being used. interesting. but not looking forward to the exam part either. Monday. can't wait for it to be over.

oh. and happy birthday varun! all the best wishes for the year, and please behave. 23 d. 3 more years nie cha :p

just wanted to fill something up, and write something down. oh done it already.


Monday, 2 November 2009

exodus. revisited.

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i find an inclination to pen down something every time i'm in some form of stress. don't think it's a good thing, but i guess i still need to do so. lol :D

eventful semester this has been. more ups than downs i believe. got to know so many new friends, rekindled old friendships, a few in particular who've gotten closer to me. grateful as ever :)

gonna be another hectic next few months for me. a play coming up (playing St. John Baptist De La Salle is quite an arduous task), and a Japan conference & Turkey trip. i'm so looking forward to it, but yet the responsibility, expectations that comes with it - something i wish i'm not dreading at the moment.

i'll need all the strength and luck that i can get. but for now, it's exams. 2 papers. my last major papers. i'm hoping that i'll be able go out with a bang :)

Nov 12th - i'm leaving on a jetplane again. after my Singapore trip last month. yays! this time, the land of the rising sun awaits... ;)

Joyce is leaving too! to Shanghai that is. we'll be away during the same period, coincidentally. lol :)

timely post i'd say. oh well. back to books.
till then.

life's good, like LG wtf,

Sunday, 6 September 2009

it's been a while..

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guilty of abandoning this virtual space of mine. a space i used to turn to in times of happiness and sadness. oh well i'm back now :)

uni hasn't been that kind. lotsa things to do. mid-semester tests. a week off that was spend in Parkroyal running around helping out in Persidangan Penterjemah Antarabangsa. great experience indeed. got to meet so many translation scholars, names i can only imagine of reading thru their articles - i met them during the conference :)

few more things in store in the coming months; just got back from LEAD SMI last weekend, going for LEAD SGI next weekend. fun fun fun again! and a brief respite from everything in uni and in Penang lah. it's always good to be away for a while :D
might be going to Japan for 10 days if my application is approved. for a Japan-ASEAN youth conference. sounds good kan? if i go, i'd be Malaysia's representative :)

things are ending pretty fast this sem. approaching 2nd break, and then it's another few more weeks before exams. damn fast lah. and then my one last sem in campus. let's see how that works out yeah? :)

oh the series are coming back! how i met your mother, gossip girl, heroes among the few that i follow. yays!

being hopeful,

Saturday, 15 August 2009


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i'm in such a good mood these days. so good that it's not even me :)

this song is stuck in my head - Colbie Caillat's Falling for You. i can't get you out!
so addicted to it. lol :D oh and do i have issues with my heart? The Saturdays would know :p

conference is coming up. lotsa things to do from today onwards.
there goes my mid-sem break lah. sighs.
i can't spend time with friends. i can't lepak much. i can't go out dating.
ahh shucks. but at least i'll be having good hotel food for 4 whole days? that's a consolation la kut.
lol :D

just wanted to rant and be random.
oh and i think i can handle pinches and whacks well now these days. *laughs*


Sunday, 2 August 2009

the reporter? a piece worth pondering on.

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stumbled upon this piece of writing on Loyarburok, and i tot it was spot on.

I would like to report a death,
An unfortunate suicide I must confess,
The newspaper fell from the 14th floor,
Now it tells the truth no more.

An injury to the head, it seems,
Tongue missing, they heard no screams,
Autopsy shows poison in the ink,
Must explain why some headlines stink,

Stories spun into webs of lies,
For answers then, look to the skies,
Lips blue from chewing bribes,
The hole in integrity never looked this wide.

Yet blood that was found on grey concrete,
Belongs not to him that deservedly sleeps,
But hundreds of those who now lie cold,
Silenced swiftly for being bold.

Time of death, nobody knows,
Perhaps the day he sold his soul.
When your spine isn’t made of bone,
It’s time to carve your own gravestone.

So if you must cry, weep carefully,
It’s not like we lost some deity,
The news we knew was news no more,
Maimed by fear into foul folklore.

And if you must read, read between the lines,
Or thrust your ear to old grape vines,
The pen just died by its own sword,
We can rest in peace now, thank the Lord.

Rationale: The death of the newspaper as we know it. And a lot of us know a lot. It was propaganda that twisted the “news” surrounding the bombing of Palestine (or the Hamas if you like) by the Israelites. So we can believe that what we read isn’t real. All that ink used to write all those lies…you can say it’s the blood of the innocent being spilled onto papyrus. God bless Mr. Teoh and his family.

*credits to, and Screenshots*

the anti-ISA peaceful march was thwarted this afternoon.
a peaceful march that was deemed too "unruly" and too "provocative" for the public.well, 20,000 odd people weren't afraid to show how they feel.
and many more who chose to stay at home, for fear of their daily jobs and duty be affected by participating in it.
it was just a peaceful march for crying out loud. grow up la wahai politicians di Malaysia. and someone kat Sabah tu dgn lantang bersuara that ISA won't be repealed.
whether it will be or not, we decide. not you. wanna know how? 13th GE la ye. i'll be praying for your downfall then :)

still trying to rationalize what the stupid M'sian cops did this afternoon,


Saturday, 1 August 2009

kak yasmin, this is me bidding u a fond farewell.

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the late yasmin ahmad, happily explaining about 'muallaf' in the picturehouse, singapore

it's been almost a week already since you left us. sad but true, the best film and creative ads director malaysia can ever have, has left us for good. kak yasmin, you left us too soon. too soon to see your fruits of labour. too soon to see your dream materialize. the colour-blind Malaysia you envisioned, we're not there yet. in fact, when will we ever achieve it? and yet the Almighty one felt He needed you more up there.

sheesh. talk about being selfish kan.

you gave us love and forgiveness. acceptance. respecting one another's culture. religion. interracial love. puppy love, young love, a love that is not colourblind. and not just that, a love that transcends and crosses boundaries, far beyond our comprehension at times. you were someone ahead of our time. you made us believe that it is not impossible to create 1 bangsa Malaysia. 1 bangsa that we can finally be proud of, despite of our different upbringing and religion. after all, it is the uniqueness that binds us together.

kak yasmin, i'm tearing for u inside, for i'm too proud to show it. thanks to you, i'm proud to call myself a Malaysian. i will never forget the day i met you. it's been an honour to have shared a conversation with u, it's been my pleasure getting to know you better. thank you for your ads, and thank you for your movies. you've always said that u created your movies with no messages underlying it, for you like it to be interpreted by the viewers themselves. a personal self-discovery, as u'd like to put it. well done kak yasmin. thanks to you now, 1 bangsa malaysia no longer seems a distinct possibility.

i hope you're resting up there and rocking heaven up every once in a while with your music and creativity, for only God knows how much he needs all that up there :)

you will be missed,

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

thinking aloud :)

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and so i've witnessed a few endings to what i thought were rather beautiful relationships. relationships built on promises, hope. and yet, misplaced priorities, a somewhat misconception that it will last - only for that dream and thought to be swept away so unforgivingly, causing the parties involved not only anguish, pain, betrayal, in fact i can probably go on a while longer with the repercussions.

my question remains; why begin something only to let it fizzle out in the end? why not fight for it, when you know that if both parties did so, a more logical solution would've been conceived? some gave up too easily. some have other priorities. some just don't know how to end things. which is sad, really. the inability to be honest with your partner, it just isn't right.

sighs. experiences like this unfortunately makes us grow up. without a doubt. learning to rationalize and not over-react, is probably the right thing to do. not many are able to do this, especially in such situations, matters of the heart as some put it, but if u manage to do so, i simply applaud you for your maturity. to handle such emotions and feelings - you need to be strong. and if you are, then good for you. there is no need to worry about you, and for that i'm glad.

never discredit whatever that has happened between both parties. treasure it, cherish the good times, do away with the bad ones. we humans are imperfect, in more ways than one. we have the capability to inflict pain, and to receive it too in return. it might be a mutual loss. it might just be. if you really love that person, well my advice would probably be - if it's meant to be, it will be. but also, never close your windows to other suitors. when one window closes, another opens up. be open and receptive to others. who knows, your knight in shining armour might just stroll along, and sweep you off your feet? :)

that's my 2 cents worth again i guess. i think i'm good at this. or am i? ;D

thinking too much maybe,

Saturday, 11 July 2009

of happiness and being cultured.

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pictures are in no particular order. but it tells of pretty much the same things. things that i hold dear and close to my heart.

a union between two soul-mates.
a celebration of life.
friendships and brotherhood that has stood the test of time thus far.
a fusion of culture - being Malaysian at its very best.
art and culture, in its purest form.
great company, good food - what more can u ask for?

the fact that i'm more Indian than a Chinese does not bother me at all. i call it embracing different cultures life has to offer, and having fun while at it.

what about you? have you got such a story to tell?

i'd be interested to know ;D

p.s. congrats annae and anni!! :)


Thursday, 9 July 2009


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more like tired. tired of being someone i'm not. tired of being an example to some, an older-like bro to others, only to be somewhat crestfallen by recent events. tired of handling responsibilities when i don't even have time for myself. the point of no return now no longer seem to be a distant possibility.

maybe a change is needed. maybe.

uni has just been on for like 4 days, and i'm complaining already.
this isn't good.


silently hoping,

Monday, 6 July 2009

defining moments in life.

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day one in uni. everything's alright so far. although, i miss having my batchmates around. beginning my final year in uni without them - it's just downright weird. but still, i'm feeling optimistic about it. i really am.

deep in thought again today. something i've been doing a lot these days. maybe it's the season. or maybe it's just due to the fact that i'm back in uni again. whatever it is, i've been thinking la.

some are just plain-god-damn lucky to find someone who cares for them in return. some will find it eventually. some found it, but then things between them fizzled out along the way. do i consider myself lucky then? i think so. in fact, i know so, for a fact.

but then again, to those who haven't found that particular individual yet, fret not. time will always be on your side. why the rush? why the need? some define moments like this as desperation. a certain urge to be recognized, appreciated, loved to a certain extent. to be splashed and lavished with attention - a dream come true to some, a nightmare to many others. some say it is their time already. time to be cherished and loved, for who they are. well for those who chose to wait for the right individual to come along your way, good for u. to those who rushed things, in essence keeping things open by doing just too much, then probably learning things the hard way is the only way to realize.
the possibilities are just endless. coincidences. chance meeting. a "meet-cute". anything can happen really. so why bother tying yourself down? why bother getting to know ppl better through an unconventional way, when conventions usually work? why, in the search for a person you can rely on, the whole point of doing so loses its meaning slowly but surely?

disappointments are a part and parcel of what life has to offer. the key to it: bouncing back when it matters most.

to those who might have found it but you somehow allowed it to leave, well it's not the end of the world. in fact, it's just the beginning. lots of possibilities, opportunities in store, and the fact that you yourself control your own destiny. sure, u'll meet some jerks, bitches, a-holes along the way, but as long as you know what u want, nothing is impossible.

to those who's just lucky enough to find that person, try to hold on to it. sure, the journey isn't a nicely laid yellow brick road that will eventually lead you back to Kansas. (home, figuratively speaking), but making the most out of it, it's not a mission too impossible to accomplish. being hopeful is one, being optimistic is another.

now i'm not saying my opinion is final. nor is it anywhere near definitive. but i think i'm not wrong to say that life always has a way of making the best out of everything. never question what life has to offer - it has its own way in making sure things will not screw themselves up, unless we ourselves choose to do so.

a general advice - think carefully and take time off to have a solid thinking session by yourself. never be hasty in making a decision. if you think life is superficial, i suggest you think again. if you think life's been unfair to u so far, well then quit complaining, do something about it.

there. just throwing everything out in the open. i guess i can sleep soundly now.
and try to coax myself into attending classes tomorrow. lol :D

thinking aloud,

Saturday, 4 July 2009

random updates

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uni begins again, come Monday. another hectic sem ahead. i hate making predictions, yet i think i'm gonna be right this time around. a whole lot of responsibilities to shoulder again. and the ever-elusive dean's list spot looks to be slipping away yet again. make or break - this sem will be. feeling hopeful, and i hope it lasts.

just came back from a meet-up with li lean. i missed hanging out with her so much :s
and then the topic of hols came up. places i need to go. or would love to go. a short getaway.
Bali. Phuket. Aussie. Siem Reap. just among the few places in mind. problem is; when?
cheap budget flights - i'm gonna look out for u!

putting life in perspective once more. done bit of thinking during one of those random free times. what i wanna do, where will i be in 5-10 years, will i still be able to spend time with people i care about, and yada yada yada. ongoing process. seemingly no light at d end of the tunnel yet. but i will persevere.

gonna try make a difference during this year's NLLC. i need to prove a point, to myself. it's time to step up.

ok enough pep talk. time to sleep.

randomness strikes,

Thursday, 25 June 2009

laughing-out-loud & being simple

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so despite all the efforts and surfing all over for proper blogskins, i guess simplicity still works best for me :)

apologies for being away so long. been busy (in a way.)
Northern Regionals were slightly about 2 weeks ago. had lotsa fun. fun-loving team, and i kinda miss working and having them around again. especially the seemingly irritating yet cute G2 girls. LOL :)

attended Bro.Paul's retirement ceremony and grand send-off dinner. tinge of nostalgia hits. a sense of realism ensued. my alma mater will not longer be headed by a Brother Principal of the Lasallian order. my only hope is that an old Xaverian, or at least an old Lasallian takes over the school. only then, i'm assured that the school will be in good hands.

decided against going for USM's orientation faci programme. reason being; my best buddies are back from all over, and that spending a total of almost 3 weeks, esp 1 week in the jungle being brainwashed and undergoing meaningless physical activities in the name of team-building and fostering relationships and cameraderie - it just ain't right. so, i'm sorry USM, disappointed you i might have. but you know what, seeing the line-up for PPSL (that's wat they're called now), i'm secretly glad i didn't join this year.

Transformers was just god-damn-AWESOME. despite the negative reviews, i thought it was good. witty lines, cekap new robots, quite an interesting storyline, and of course *drumrolls* Megan Fox, how bad could it be? sesiapa yg belum tgk, dipersilakan ke GSCs dan TGV's all over yeah :)
oh and i watched it for only RM6! the wonders of having a student card still.. ;D

that's all for now la. my hols is coming to an end already. sighs...

p.s. my Project 365 is officially stagnant. gosh. i am so bad in photo-taking, not to mention the discipline in order to achieve it. dang.

p.p.s. Siewwei's back from the jungle! welcome back babe!! :D


Sunday, 7 June 2009

a confession. a celebration.

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ok i confess. i'm pretty much a very good procrastinator. i'm never good in doing anything else but that. in fact, all i needed to do was to upload 'em. but i didn't. sighs. da slacker i am.

so my project 365 tergendala seketika. sucks kan? i dun have tht discipline to continue doing it. but i will try again :)

next up:


21 finally, and yes being who you are and staying the same is far more important than looking around for Mr. Right! yes, those two idiots ain't even close to the capital M of Mr.Right k :p
a ceremonial age you might say, a "coming-of-age" period in an individual's life, but nevertheless it is a huge deal, well at least for me. rmb my b'day celebration last year? and the 3kg choc cake :p

now being 21 has its own perks; freedom, able to make a sane decision, being legally rational and all, and trust me, a lot will be expected from you; responsibilities, maturity, and so on and so forth. but never doubt what life has in store for you. take each day as it comes, and smile while you're at it :D

oh and also, not forgetting, think of all the legal things you can do now wei; get married, get pregnant, get rich (or at least try) via Uncle Lim's casinos kat Genting, and well pretty much anything now! :)

and so i hope, life and all of its wonders will treat you well as time passes by, and even though it's only been a while since you entered my life, it is still the one fact i can't deny.
you've been a wonderful friend to have, and even more than a good friend at times,
thanks for being there, and thanks for showing that you care ;)

have a wonderful birthday! :D

p.s. ok the reason i'm writing such nice things about you is because, i can't find a gift for you yet. but when i do, i have a feeling it'll be useful :p

signing off, xoxo..

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 2

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Image010, originally uploaded by vincent_ooi.

A view from my balcony back in Singapore. Was browsing thru old photos, and this view in the evening struck me for a moment. Gosh when will I see Rizal, Yulong and the gang again? T.T

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Project 365 - Day 1

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Project 365 - Day 1, originally uploaded by vincent_ooi.

Embarking on something I'm not known to be good at before. But hey, it isn't too late to do so right? :)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

a school for all Malaysians?

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is this possible? only time will tell.
1 Malaysia you say? well this would be a good first step.
DPM, if you really care for us Malaysians, this is your chance.
seize it. prove to us you are all worth another term.
cos at the moment, i'm very inclined to not vote for BN come the next general election.
don't ask me why. go read the papers. oh wait. those are Gov propaganda channels of information.
try reading independent news portals. Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph and etc.

a vision indeed,

Thursday, 21 May 2009


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ahhh aku boring.

Friday, 15 May 2009

insomnia? or saja nak drama?

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i seriously hope not.

having problems sleeping was never - a problem at all to begin with.
and yet, the tendencies to do so - it's just urghh.

i may have 1001 excuses not to sleep early, but it remains a fact - i don't sleep unless i feel really sleepy, and the need to do so is there. i mean really, really there. present.

then again, i'm just rambling scrambled thoughts.

back on the diet again. this time, i'm gonna keep eating lotsa fruits. will see how that turn out.

now, a sneaky surprise. rambling on a whole different level. or language per se.

ni ha. lama dah aku nk blog dlm lorat Penang. peluang tu sampai la na akhirnya.
jaya dah pon mai balik Penang. dapat offer keje sementara plak tu. kat campus. yahoo congrats bro! :)

tadi mlm pi tengok Angels & Demons. teja, kema, hanim, jaya, joyce and i. nak ajak ms.chin, tapi, dia ada kat seberang. maka tak sempatlah. dan tak jadilah. tak la rasa evil dan guilty sangat. kahkahkah! haha :p

citar tu nak kata best, taklah best sangat. kalo setakat nak hiburkan hati dan tambahkan suspense melebih je dlm hidupku selama 2 jam tu, bolehlah. tak tepat pun dgn citer dlm buku. byk yg depa buat kona sana, kona sini, tapi semua berteraboq. dah lagu tu depa buat citar tu, nk buat camna kan. tapi awat la producer semua tu nk tukaq?? bukannya takdak hakcipta dari Dan Brown. tapi ntahlah. ape nak buat, dah pihak Vatican tak puai sama depa filmmakers. terpaksalah buat yang dah skewed dari citar original. tu la. pi lagi buat drama psl kod kod da vinci. senget teruih pemikiran Vatican. dah la berahsia giler giler sgt. aduhai...

itu je lah aku nak habaq kat sini. x tidoq lagi sejak kul 2.30pm smlm.
but nevertheless, worth tengok la kat cinema. sekali ja k. tak yah dua kali. buang duit. baik bagi aku beli McD :p

strangely surprised and startled with BM blogging,

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

random thoughts :)

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ok lah. so maybe going on a diet might be a little too drastic. (this is the evil me who is talking.)
i'll try something less drastic.
not too sure what it will be yet, but i'm guessing it will be good anyhow.
for the body at least.

on another note, it was good to see siewwei in Penang finally!

had lotsa fun going around my beloved island with her and her friends, scouring for food.
(total contradiction with my last post, but whatever :p)
and indeed we found food. *winks*
found a new char koay teow spot which i thought wasn't too bad, and i just have to get used to the taste 1st. (which means more future visits ;D)
bangkok lane's mee goreng is still ok, though never was my favourite.
fried oysters at pengkalan kota foodcourt - still DA BOMB.
it was quite a food tour today. although, she couldn't fit in anymore tandoori, naans, nasi dalca, nasi kandar or P.Tikus wantan mee, but i'm sure she'll be back for more :D

dropped by uni today. there isn't much work yet, but i'm guessing it will all pile-up soon.

Wisma Putra to call, letters to prepare, PPA12 stuff, debate matters - gosh and i was actually hoping and looking forward to a break in Singapore. sighs. looks like Singapore will have to wait, at least for a while.

sent erwyn safely to his matriculation college in Pahang 2 days ago. in probably about a year's
time from now, he will probably be on the way to do his med degree already. really am very proud of him, but i don't show it to him well (ain't that good with emotions, especially with him) so we usually tend to end up in fights and arguments. as always. total opposites, the both of us. i'm usually the prodigal son, he's the family favourite. i'm more streetwise, while he's a goody-two-shoes who is usually good at what he's doing. he studied in Penang Free School, i was in St. Xavier's Institution. (note: both are fierce rival schools in Penang.) LOL :D

so in a nutshell, we ain't that similar. in fact, i don't think we are. but all that aside, "he ain't heavy, he's my brother..." ;)

that's all for now. time to hit the sack!

feeling buoyant,

Sunday, 10 May 2009

perutku lapar.

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whether it's a bane or boon, it's yet to be decided.

suffering at the moment.
going on diet was never on my agenda. NEVER.
yet desperate times calls for desperate measures.
Scarsdale, i hope u'll work :s

going to KL tomorrow.
i seriously hate driving in KL. or even anywhere near that for the record.
tapi tak tau la.
keeping my fingers crossed.

ok i'm starving. sorry.
can't type any longer.

dieting sucks,

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

how to win and vie for the Italian job?

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"please tell me who is better than him at the moment? Messi? not today."

Ferdinand: "ok now this is why Real Madrid wants him!"
Ronnie: "me? leaving? nah, i won't leave for that crappy team!"

how to win, you ask? play like champions. or in this case, play like the defending champions. Manchester United!

good try Arse-anals. try again next season yeah. and, probably the season after that. oh wait. try getting into the competition proper next season. do remember, qualifying rounds can be a niggling pain-in-the-ass. get past that, and then try again. LOL :D

bring on Barca or the Blues! The Italian job will be completed. for better or for worse, I can safely say that we are the best club in the world :)

"glory glory Man Utd..."

sacrificing sleep for an undying love and passion,

*pictures courtesy of ESPNSoccernet, who in turn credits Getty Images for it. thanks anyhow!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a brief holiday plan in tatters?

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staring into space; one of those days by the Singapore River...

this was how Stamford Raffles was supposed to have looked like and posed when he landed. poyo! :p

a failed attempt to pose like the ultimate poser of Singapore! LOL :D

right. so why the sudden appearance of these pictures? sighs. in light of recent events, seemingly i mite not be able to leave Penang! at least for this week and the next.
a sudden rush of things to be settled - debate matters and the upcoming islamic summit - enough to give me quite a headache! but being the hopeful me, i'm still keeping my fingers crossed. for i still want to go to Singapore. i sincerely still do. just for a few days please? although, keeping in mind that, you don't usually always get what you want in life, kan?

that sucks.


hopeful, yes i am, hopeful for today,

Sunday, 3 May 2009


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i miss hanging out with you guys! damn it!
why must geographical distance be a pain-in-the-ass??

just a random shoutout. haha :)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

a much-needed change?

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the source of what triggered me to change to something plain - far too many. yet one thing's for sure, it was a long-time-coming. simplicity goes a long way in this new outlook, and it's looking good thus far.

looking forward to a break in Singapore within the next few days. not too sure as to when i'll be going down south yet, but i tink it's soon. i miss the days when i choose to hang out in a coffee joint, sipping down what i believe to be good coffee, and spending time with good friends, instead of wandering aimlessly and doing nothing productive (which is something i'm pretty good at, trust me.)

my life is heading to a crossroads. i can see that happening soon. and when that happens, what will i do? i maybe happily attached now, but in another year or two? i dare not say or even think about it. being wary of the future - some say it's paranoia. i say it's preparing for the worst. life can take an about-turn really fast. and when it does, i want to be ready for it.

to continue studying? or to start working? feel free to let me know, and let your opinions flow freely aite? i'd appreciate 'em :)

time to go. and when i return, i hope to already know what i should do. or at least thought of knowing wat to do.

seems random, this post maybe. oh well. lotsa time to think. it's the holidays already after all ;D

trying to always look on the bright side of life,

p.s. mite start a blog soon on m'sian politics. or at least what i think about it :)

Saturday, 25 April 2009


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I need to go on a 'walkabout.' in Aboriginal term, it's the rites of passage, towards adulthood. towards maturity, both physically and mentally. For me though, it holds a different meaning, yet towards a similar end.

A bro of mine recently said that he's pretty much reached the crossroads of his life at this moment. Maybe it's time I continue mine. Or maybe I'm already on it.

I tend to be over-critical, over-impulsive, and might have hurt a few along the way. For that, I am sorry. But know that I only have your best interests at heart, and nothing more. Life is how you make of it, and how you want it to be, ultimately. I can only say and speak my mind.

"Live to love, love to eat. Complete me, won't you?"
Got this line from a blogger. Nice? You tell me :)

A revamp is in order. A time will come where this will no longer be just an outlet of my feelings. But for now, at least till next week, I will be deep in thought. And busy reading up on M'sian government and politics.

I'll start by changing its layout. The blog's layout I mean. It's just too 'happy'. Soon :)

smiling and feeling hopeful of what lies ahead,

Thursday, 16 April 2009

something to ponder on :)

Posted by -vincent-

"Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink.

But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love.
If you must steal, steal away from bad company.
If you must cheat, cheat death.
And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away."

Don't you think so? The lines were from Hitch btw :)

rejoicing in MU's victory,

Saturday, 11 April 2009

of meeting old friends, & feeling nostalgic :)

Posted by -vincent-

just got back from my sojourn in UUM :)

gotta say, i still don't like tht place, after all these years. lol.
glad to see my buddies are still around. it's their final sem already.
a god-forsaken place it maybe, yet with them around, i still feel at ease.
*thanks guys! ashwin especially*
though, things mite have changed a bit here & there.
some for the better, some for the worse.
but i guess that's human nature, no?

had lunch with tan sri tadi. before coming back to the island. sushi tastes good. a Jap food craving is off, for now. *thanks babe~*
and then we came to a topic about family.
the story of my life thus far does seem interesting at one point.
the drama that unfolds, constant bickering & all.
and about my consecutive losses that particular year.
i miss my paternal grandma. her cooking, her constant screaming around the house when my siblings and i misbehave. her favorite TVB serials.
most of all, i miss her presence. and the pecks on her cheek that i used to give her before going to bed, till i grew out of it. now i wish i never grew out of doing that.
and my grandpa too, despite his penchant to nag at me all the time for being the ever-playful and irresponsible young boy i was den. it was he who taught me how to take a public bus, and that being independent is the best thing that could happen to me, and it was because of him that i get a RM1 coin everytime we go visit him in his little sundry shop along air itam road. and it was due to him, that i was schooled in st.xavier's primary, a school that was near his shop, and was my dad's alma mater as well.

do treasure your grandparents while u still can. all i have now with me is just sweet and fond memories of 'em :)

gosh i sound so sad and nostalgic right?
just thought it was smth worth sharing.

finals coming up. friends are leaving uni one-by-one. towards the word "graduation".
time to make new friends? rekindle old friendships? expanding my horizons?
i guess time will tell.

*And I go...*

melancholy strikes,

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

random sangat-sangat!

Posted by -vincent-

having a few 'wants' and needing them to be fulfilled immediately is near impossible, yet it won't hurt to dream of it :D

i want to watch Talentime again.
i want to smile infectiously listening to Aizat's Just One Boy and drown myself in Atilia's Angel.
i want my upcoming Tamil test to be easy. [30 mins from this post :p]
i want this week to be over quickly. there's just too much to handle, for my head at least.
i want ppl to stop assuming. for to assume, is to make an ASS out of U & Me. (thanks ah ohh!)

there. done for now.

paavam vincent, paavam!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Posted by -vincent-

i usually don't get irritated.

ask anyone who is close to me - there was never a reason why i should, rite?
however nice i maybe or may appear, don't try me.
in fact, here's my two cents worth - you should just keep quiet, lessen the nonsense that practically oozes out of your mouth (please learn to speak properly), suck it up and quit complaining, and never assume you know anything about me. my life decisions, and things i do - i don't need your approval. the fact that you think you know something, and then to pass a comment - thanks for nothing.
i don't need another irritating voice in my life to dictate and judge my life, my choices, or even my words.

so don't piss me off anymore please.
note the please. i'm still trying to be as polite as i can be.
never try to be someone you're not. or someone you'll never be.
that just sucks balls.

there. done bitching.


p.s. on a lighter note, uni's about to end. 1 last week to go. BATI Nite's approaching. let's rewind to retro everybody! *smiles*

Friday, 20 March 2009

I Love The Whole World!

Posted by -vincent-

random entry. i know. but it's a catchy tune. sounds damn good. i love it!
i hope u will too :)

I Love The Whole World - Discovery Channel

"It never gets old, huh?"
"It kinda makes you wanna... break into song?"
I love the mountains, I love the clear blue sky
I love big bridges, I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world, and all its sights and sounds
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada
I love the ocean, I love real dirty things
I love to go fast, I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world and all its craziness
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada
I love tornadoes, I love arachnids
I love hot magma, I love the giant squids
I love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada

spread the love!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

just a bit of sharing.

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there comes a time when one must step out from the bubble he/she is in,and face the world. that said, i think i need to do that too. sighs. 

with the current ongoing political turmoil - 1st the uncertainty that lies within the deceit-lies built BN Gov faces strong opposition from the legit Pakatan gov in Perak. this is where the Sultan needs to walk the talk. but alas, who am i to tell and say all these. i'm just a mere political observer, laughing and worried at the same time over the nonsense these politicians had produced in the name of the people. oh and secondly, PPSMI. not wanting the continuity of Science & Maths being taught in English, the Malays had an illegal march to the Istana Negara. stupid move, if u ask me. and they got A.Samad Said to join along. oh well. we'll see the outcome. and of course, the upcoming UMNO General Assembly. politics will be hotter and dirtier this month i predict.

enough said. life in uni's been pretty hectic as well. getting myself involved with BATI club activities, Buddies, debate, and a conference or two coming up. i don't know if i'm able to shoulder all these. on top of that, let's just say i'm being a good friend to anyone who comes to me 4 help. question is; for how long can i still do that?
and my commitment towards the Lasallian movement. will that be compromised for the sake of my life in uni? time shall help me answer that. i hope.

a retrospective is needed. an impending re-evaluation. choices and opportunities might be springing out from nowhere even as i speak. or even the harbouring thought would've been conceived. i guess i'll never know. the question remains; if it does, will i rise to the occasion, and seize the moment?
only time will tell.
if you'd only knew.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Talentime = indescribable!

Posted by -vincent-

"if the moon can shine in the day so bright, why can't the sun do the same at nite?"
"when i speak, you hear silence. when you speak, it is silence."
"can you teach me how to speak in silence?"

how can u not appreciate beautiful lines like this? 

slightly over a week ago, i found out from Jaya that Talentime will be shown in DTSP (tht's Dewan Tunku Syed Putra for non USM ppl) on Feb 24th. nth special rite? 1st glance - mmg nth special pun. till i realized tht it'll be released nationwide only on March 26th! 

latest film from Kak Yasmin, after the controversial Muallaf. (of which i did a review a few posts ago) fast-fwd to today, i've finally watched Talentime! a month and 2 days ahead than everyone else who wasn't in USM's DTSP tadi.

suffice to say, 1 hr and 57 mins later, i'm glad that i've made the right choice tonite. simply inspirational. breathtaking. and putting her belief in tht one Bangsa Malaysia is not impossible, in fact, a reality that might be too close to us than we could ever imagine.

and kudos to kak Yasmin, who stayed back too to indulge in her fans' requests and ever-willing whims. oh, did i forget to mention that kak Yasmin was in USM a while ago to watch the movie with all of us? :D and i heard that Muallaf will FINALLY be released in Malaysia in July? i will need some confirmation. but if it's true, that's bloody good news! ;D

that's all for now. a happy day it turned out to be, after quite a rough start tis morning.
thanks jun! *hugs*
time to hit the sack.
my review on the movie, when i'm a bit more free nx week i guess.

still in awe,

Saturday, 21 February 2009

25 random stuffs abt me :)

Posted by -vincent-

ok so i'm kinda proud abt tis particular tagged note. it's just 25 random things abt me. posted this on Fb, but for your viewing pleasure, it's here too! although i don't know how many ppl still follow this blog of mine. haha :)
here goes:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you!

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. It took me quite a while to actually reply to these tagged notes of randomness, however interesting it is. (or was, now tht i'm responding to it already.)

2. My favorite game during pre-school was "make-believe." I always thought I was a superhero of some sort. Guess I got a rude awakening huh?

3. Alcohol has never been a good friend to me, though it's suffice to say that i've suffered its wrath only ONCE. thus far.

4. I once tried an orange juice diet for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, i finally decided it was ridiculous. And this is probably where u start laughing. T.T

5. I've never been thin before, at all, in all of my bloody 22 years of existence.

6. I once thought cursing & showing the middle finger to someone actually deserves a good beating.

7. I think of myself as quite an optimist, but i do not discount myself from being a pessimist and a realist at the same time.

8. A sucker for romantic comedies, chick-flicks, and i get freaked out watching horror movies. There. I said it.

9. I used to think about death and losing loved ones a lot when I was small, but I guess I grew up fast enuf to realize it is all a part of life.

10. I'm in the mood for another road-trip! Any takers? :)

11. Favorite movies, ones that I can always relate to - Forrest Gump, Love Actually. Don't ask me how or why, but I can never get bored watching 'em.

12. Every girl's best friend - they call me. If you need some proof, well ask my friends. The girls esp :p

13. I live for food. Ok as if that's not clear enough and I have to clarify it. Sheesh.

14. I live and breathe for Manchester United as well. But I don't earn enough to buy an original jersey YET. So for now, imitations will do! :p

15. I hope to speak English like how Hugh Grant speaks.

16. This is going to be a cliche soon, believe me, but Barney Stinson rocks!

17. I do the penguin walk really well. Or so it seems.

18. I care a lot abt the important people in my life. They are the ones I'd give my life for, and trust my life with. The 25 people I'm abt to tag, i can count on u guys, right?

19. I can never be photogenic, no matter how hard i try?

20. I love collecting flip-flops, even though my feet doesn't really look nice in 'em.

21. Into oldies, and wishes to experience the 70's & the 80's. Gosh I wish I had Doc Brown's flying, time-travelling DeLorean! Sighs.

22. Extrovert, yet introvert at times. If I seem arrogant, i'm just being defensive?

23. I used to have low-self esteem. But then life's too short to dwell over things like that. So screw it.

24. I have a knack for being the good boy among the bad boys? My repo with teachers, lecturers, friends' parents or girlfriends/boyfriends have always been impeccable and clean, no matter how mischievous I can be. :D

25. I'm still the walking, talking jukebox from high school. And i'm damn proud abt it!

and i tag anyone who reads or stumbles upon this!

thinking and re-evaluating options in life,


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

busy busy!

Posted by -vincent-

gosh i wish i hadn't been procrastinating and slacking much. at all. damn. but i did. so here i am suffering some of its consequences. report due tmr. recording session at 2. i can't wait for the weekend! just trying to steal bit of time b4 i have to go back to my report. dang!

hmmm. oh and i'll be watching Talentime tis coming Tuesday!! a month ahead of its scheduled release, all thx to Desasiswa Bakti Permai's charity-like screening :) i hope i'll enjoy it, as much as i enjoyed watching Muallaf :D

gtg now. oh weekend how i long for you!!

still procrastinating, as u can see frm tis hurried post,

Saturday, 7 February 2009

of frogs, Thaipusam & being steadfast to my Chinese roots.

Posted by -vincent-

the fiasco in Perak is an embarassing episode in the history of Malaysia, as a sovereign nation since 1963. here we have a Pakatan Rakyat-led (PR) government - in my opinion, unconstitutionally removed from their posts due to what i believe is a thinly-veiled coup performed by BN slightly a few days ago. defections are being likened to jumping frogs. and rightly, they have been. a deputy speaker - defecting for not feeling important enough and not getting all the 'perks' like the other state assemblymen does, acc to the PR, and 2 other bribery-accused assemblymen - "apparently seeing no future in a PR-led gov." then why run under a PKR ticket in the 1st place? why wait 11 months before defecting?

how long till another coup like this happens again? unless an anti-hopping law is enacted, this drama will continue on. people's trusts will be betrayed. we are on the losing end, if this continues to happen. 

i've been a little agitated over the drama in Perak. civilised people do not resort to defections to take over the reins of running a state. PR got the mandate from the people - albeit thru a simple majority - but they still have the mandate. every new Gov has had its fair share of hiccups. if so PR began talks of defecting - hence Sept 16th deadline by DSAI - but ultimately, has it been done? NO. so again, why did BN take the first step? by making this move, i see the weakness in the federal government and its judgement. but wat can i say. this is just my humble opinion.

harping on the fact that YAB Mohd Nizar refuses to step down even afta the decree from the Sultan of Perak - making it as a form of 'derhaka' - is a little too childish for the rakyat already. some say the ultra-Malays are the ones being the 'batu api' of the whole issue. but as i see it, politics in M'sia has begun its evolution process since March 8th, and it will continue evolving. soon enuf, people will see past the racial debacle and when that happens, PR won't be on the losing side, by the looks of it. dissolving the state assembly would be the right thing to do - even if it spends the rakyat's money - as long as it ensures stability, i can assure you, it's worth it.

ok enough on my political opinion. Thaipusam is just around the corner. in fact, it's tomorrow. don't really know y, but i seem to be losing interest in celebrating it this year. not that excited at all about it. i pulled out last-min from the kollatam team - something i wouldn't have done a few years back, even up till last year? aside from being busy and occupied in uni, i just couldn't find time, even though i know with much persuasion, i mite have made it? i dunno. really. but i guess i'll leave that aside for now la.

went to my lecturer's house to bai nian today. truthfully, i was really excited. a gathering with my other Chinese coursemates - 1 last time b4 everyone leaves to pursue their own agendas and goals in life. pretty fruitful visit - gained quite a few insights and opinions on how 2 chart out our future. and even as bleak as it may seem, in light of the current economic downturn, i'm sure all of us will be able to weather it thru. as for me, i'm leaning toward pursuing a master's degree. this is pretty much where my problem begins. i'm quite torn in two - either continue on with translation, or to study international relations. anyone has any suggestions? feel free to throw in some advice yeah. even though i'm still 1.5 years away from my graduation, hey it won't hurt to start planning already rite? :)

that's all for now la. Happy Thaipusam and Chap Goh Meh to all who's celebrating it yah. hopefully this year will be fruitful for all of u ;D

expecting the worst, but nevertheless hoping for the best,

Thursday, 29 January 2009

reflecting. once more.

Posted by -vincent-

hello. i'm back.

time to reflect. yet again. on life mainly. maklumlah, hidup as manusias x pernah sunyi frm problems.

1st of all, i should stop eating a lot. so, eating moderately shall be my new year's resolution! (didn't do any, but i guess it's time to do one? :D) also, because i had my 1st encounter with diarrhoea, and no i don't like it at all. wouldn't have happened if i controlled my food intake, and proper consideration before whacking like a glutton. almost screwed up my 1st day of CNY. suffice to say la, perut yg sakit, ditambah with temperature yg 'mendidih' = me rejecting lotsa food! sighs. such a crime to reject food, and i had to do it.

i slowly find that i'm losing out and losing touch with lives of ppl i care about. except for a select few, i dun pay attention tht much anymore in the lives of others. maybe it's time to move on. or is it?
but then, true friendships are not things u can move on from!
from being close friends, to some, i'm just reduced to being hi-bye friends. boy tht sucks kan? maybe it's just me. or what i've become. highly critical and sometimes unforgiving, not as approachable as i was then, conceited, arrogant? maybe i am.
when i don't take interest in your life, when i don't drop u a line every now and then, it doesn't mean i've forgotten about you. i have no excuse to explain why or how, but the only plausible explanation i can think of is - it's part and parcel of growing up? i dunno, u tell me.

for lost friendships, it's has been my greatest pleasure to have known you, and to have shared your life, even though it was just for a while.
for friendships i'm about to lose, know that i nv intended for anything to happen, and if there's anything i can do to save it, pls tell me.
for friendships who have stood by me all these years, i salute you for being wonderful, influential and inspiring people, who have made a difference in my life, in more ways than one.
for friendships recently kindled, i look forward to being a friend u can always rely and count on, at any moment in your life, wherever you may be.

i try to please everyone. i really do. but i guess sometimes, it's just not enough?
maybe i'm just thinking too much. maybe.
time to sleep. getting late.

trying to overcome life's obstacles - one at a time,

Saturday, 24 January 2009


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to the oblivious, Muallaf will not be shown in Malaysia. it didn't get thru a "censorship board" called Lembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia. if u ask me, it's idiocracy. screw u idiots. and guess what? due to popular requests, Muallaf will be shown in Singapore, AGAIN. Feb 26th! make the journey down-South to catch the movie if u want. i'd say it's worth it :)

and her next movie, Talentime!
thr's a charity screening tonite, but only for corporate companies. 
in aid of the Gaza fund.
may the atrocities stop. may the ceasefire stay permanent.
Mr.Barack, it's time to take action.

before i stray off lagi jauh, poster from Talentime! 

p.s. CNY is here. but above all, i appreciate the 1 week break more. and the long-awaited angpows. time to replenish funds. hahaha :D

kena balik Kelantan soon,

Thursday, 8 January 2009

long overdued pic.

Posted by -vincent-

yours truly, the very-approachable-and-bubbly Sharifah Amani & Sharifah Aleysha, and a stunned-looking Brian :)

took me ages to put this picture up. long overdued.
had my share of brushes with celebrities not too long ago.

Yasmin Ahmad, Mr.Clinton, Anwar Ibrahim among others. wat can i say?
i'm a lucky guy ;D

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

life in uni, setakat ni :)

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in Singapore, i was a slacker. turns out, i've always been one. random-kan? *laughs* nevertheless, it's always good to be home again. home is where the heart is. or smth like that :) joycie's back from Canada, and thanks to her, i'm a proud new owner of a black fedora! cekap siut!! *whistles*

busy sem ahead. 20 units in total. taking a political science paper in USM for the 1st time - malaysian government and politics. was expecting to enter and engage in lively debates [half-expected it to be conducted in English, but still in Malay la] over the structure and concepts in the government, only to be greeted with stories of Malayan Union and Malay nationalism. for now. and its relevance and importance, adding on to the lecturer's continuous mentions of the concept of Malay supremacy, suffice to say, saya agak kecewa dgn course ini, up till 11.42pm, Jan 7th 2009.

taking Tamil 1 too tis semester. Mr.Balan - informative. he knows of a lot of things, and often strays off his topic, but i guess tht's a good thing? re-living all my Tamil stuffs once again. thx to aiya back in NUS, i will ace tis paper over here :)

lotsa responsibilities to assume again tis sem - being BATI's YDP ain't easy. trips, movie screenings, t-shirts (looks good btw :D) and of course, BATI Nite, i mite need ideas for themes tho. ah so many things to do and manage, but seems like too little time? urghh! assignments, projects, they're all coming in 1 by 1. mite step into panic mode sooner than i expected. but tht will all fall into place later.

brand-concious. am i turning into one soon? err. some ppl say i am already. takpe la. constructive criticism? or a praise? aih i x faham la. anyways, kena pi check out gym rates dah. tmr. or this weekend? ASAP la kut. haven't done gym in 1 month. exactly 1 month. dah gemuk (mmg pun gemuk dah dari dulu, tp skrg bertambah 'comel' dah :p)

ok tamat
ranting-ku. till nx time (or whenever i can sneak in some time la. org penting la katakan. busy siut :D)

p.s. din noe la pulak, yg Muallaf won't be shown here in Malaysia. sighs. a shame really. macam mana la industri filem tempatan nk berkembang, kalo citer citer revolutionary and off-mainstream x dpt ditayangkan? mcm mana minda dan mentaliti Malaysians nk berkembang, selaras dgn matlamat 2020? only time will tell.

tgh perasan x tentu pasal
and in need of expensive coffee,